| video projection mapping & design works |

vvvlad is a London based video artist specialised in video works & projection mapping.
His work is focused on digital manipulation of the moving images with the help of digital technologies.

What is video projection mapping?

In short projection mapping is “the display of an (moving) image on a non-flat surface”.
More explicit is the use of video projectors on any surface,
turning common objects into interactive surfaces;
we can play with shadows and project particular video on a particular space and some other thing on some other space.
The original academic term include titles as “spatial augmented reality” or “video mapping.”
Video projection mapping have a plethora of applications and purposes.
It is mainly used in events – live concerts, theater, advertising, interactive stuff.
There are many ways to create video mapping and quite many techniques to do that.
In addition to his video editing skills, vvvlad added a bit of programming (GLSL & HLSL)
– thus being able to express his vision using a blend of videos and algorithms.
As an illustration, the bellow links will reveal his visual works in different contexts thus expressing different ideas.
Finally – there is always a main purpose: to enhance observer’s experience trough video mapping.

Lights In the Woods

Festival nights,
mysterious shining;
dance in the woods.

Studio SOVA

Creative space
Freedom and colour
Studio Sova

Experiment Intrinsic

Improvisation, unusual structure,
An inner journey.