vvvlad‘s work extends beyond the projection mapping stuff, to different areas, projects and media, such as prints or video works for big and small screens.

Psalms & Ai

Made using Psalm texts as an input for VQGAN+CLIP neural network architecture as built by Katherine Crowson and Nerdy Rodent on Google Colab

sound: Rabbi Riskin, Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Monks / Amhara Region

nathalia - visuals

Sub umbra alarum tuarum

music : Laurine Frost

made using GLSL code

visuals detail

made using GLSL code

Night; and once again,
the while I wait for you, cold wind
turns into late autumn rain.

Masaoka Shiki

graphic design

OCHII Records

Client: OCHII Records
PROJECT: graphic design
Media: Print & Web

12″ Vinyl Sleeve & Inner Labels

An adept of obscurity through sound and totally stripped minimal, DJ and producer with a twist, Vadim Oslov is launching his own imprint – Ochii Records.
His initial intentions were expressed back in April, yet materialisation came months later with much anticipation.

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Now gathering,
Now scattering,
Pixel text streams.

Systema GB logo
Client: SYSTEMA Great Britain
PROJECT: graphic design
Media: Print & Web

Systema GBTM was established in March 2000 and is the oldest continuously operating Russian Martial Art school in UK.  The school decided to change its logo; 
The new logo has to be less “warrioristic” and should be simple, meaningful.
The logo we created depicts a path in the shape of letter “S” within a red circle. The red colour stands for words as: action, bravery, passion, joy; The path symbolise the continuous development of the students as well as the complex path to self-knowledge which the School is aiming to provide. The modified font reminds us of the Slavic origin of this art.
On the tech side the logo had to be suitable for embroidery & garment print as well as screens & new media.

On the bellow (gallery) photos you can see the vinyl cuts used to print t-shirts for a seminar.