👁 visuals

Visuals or projection or video mapping is a technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection.
We can also describe projection mapping as spatial augmented reality.

This “objects” can be anything, really.. one may try to visualise a cartoon box, a building façade, an arch, some strange industrial estate… or a patch of trees. Mesmerising images in the night, “Fata Morgana” like lights – ghosts in the dark ..
When and why should be used?
Visuals best fit with music and art events but are really versatile and can be used in various environments and for a variety of purposes.
Visuals, projection mapping can be used on showrooms, bars and restaurants, gourmet events, sales pitches, etc.

Techniques (both as hardware and software) can greatly vary, each technique having its own plus and minus side.

And then there are the ideas, the concepts…
Personally, when “free play”, I do not tend or want to impose a specific idea; however, my intention has always been to help the viewers generate a feeling, a fuel for them to explore more;
There are many visual factors that can cast some influence on human mind – each colour seems to have a particular effect on the mind, every shape, intensity of light … and more… as in their own feelings and ideas… to provide a framework for the viewer to explore the products of his own mind.

projection mapping in the forest
Lights In the Woods

Festival nights,
mysterious shining;
dance in the woods.

Studio SOVA

Creative space
Freedom and colour
Studio Sova

Experiment Intrinsic

Improvisation, unusual structure,
An inner journey.